Code Fusion Dual Core
Code Fusion Dual Core

Code Fusion Dual Core

Channel Island
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Channel Island’s team rider and 1977 World Champ Shaun Tomson, collaborated with Surftech on this design for the young at heart that craves a performance, board but still wants to get the most out of the average waves they often find themselves riding. The Code Fusion Dual-Core features more volume, which along with the Dual-Core allows for easy paddling and increased wave count. A single concave under the front foot allows for punchy drive on takeoffs and the double concave blending to a vee provides lift and easy rail-to-rail transitions.
5'10" 19.3" 2.6" 31.4L
6'2" 19.8" 2.8" 35.6L
6'4" 20" 2.9" 38.7L
6'10" 21" 3.1" 47.6"
6'7" 20.6" 3" 43L